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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp deprecation - care if I close bugs
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:23:35 GMT
James Williamson wrote:
>>Tim Funk wrote:
>>>I thought I saw in past threads that mod_webapp is now
>>>deprecated/unsupported. Does anyone care if I take some time to hunt
>>>down anything in bugzilla mod_webapp related and change it to:
>>>RESOLVED,WONTFIX with the comment:
>>>"mod_webapp is deprecated and unsupported due to lack of developer
>>>interest. Please use mod_jk, or jk2"
> I recently posted a patch which solved the major bugbear of mod_webapp:
> the seperating of static and dynamic content. In fact, it provides an
> allow/deny
> facility, something mod_jk doesn't.
> In fact, I've fixed some of the other bugs with mod_webapp (JMX etc), I'd
> be happy to contribute the bug fixes.
> Does anyone have any figures on speed etc between the two connectors?

What's this allow/deny property ?

Do you means you could forward /examples/* to tomcat except 
/examples/*.html ?

If so, it should be easy to add in both jk/jk2 but I didn't recall
have such requests

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