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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: socket errors in catalina.out and mod_jk.log
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 05:27:29 GMT
Sorry, my previous mail got a bit long ( and a bit unfriendly :-)

The short version:
There are 3 ways to extend jk2:
1. With a completely different protocol module - marshalling and all low
level stuff. I'm +1 on such a thing if the new marshalling is a standard
one - and I think XDR is the right one ( i.e. simple enough, supported in
many places ). 

2. With new message types. Again - I'm +1 on a new message format for
the request, as it got a bit hairy. New messages can be added without
affecting the existing ones as long as both ends are proper configured.

3. On top of regular request/response. Almost everything related with auth,
pings, discovery, reconfiguration can be implemented by just using regular
Ajp13 requests - with a special URL. That is by far my favorite mechanism.
It also has the advantage that it can reuse other parts of tomcat - mapper, 
coyote actions, etc. I strongly believe that most features should be
implemented at this layer ( regardless of the request message or the wire 
protocol changes )

I believe the high level features like discovery, introspection,
negotitation, etc are mostly orthogonal - they can be implemented using 
normal protocol requests, without requiring anything special in the 
protocol. All you need is the basic request/response ( or message ).

I'm +1 on any change that is required in jk to better support protocol
abstraction and to support new features - but with a lot of care to 
avoid bloat and keep things as simple as is reasonable.


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