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From "Jorge Alonso de Armiño Escudero" <>
Subject jk,jni and tomca4.1.18
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:20:22 GMT
Hi all,
we write to you because we have a great problem and we have not seen any information about
it in all the mailing lists we have checked.

We have our own Web Server and we are trying to integrate with Tomcat.

We are developing a connector via JNI, and jk ( not jk2 )
Our Tomcat version is 4.1.18 and jk is 1.2.2

When we call wc_open() from our connector, we receive this message:
"Can't find class org/apache/tomcat/modules/server/JNIEndpoint"

We have seen this class is part of Tomcat 3.X

If we include in
we get
"Bridge type 41 not supported"

Is our configuration not supported ???

If the solution is jk2,
where can we find documentation about how constructing our connector ?

We have seen in the mailing-lists that there are problems with jk2 and JNI:
is that correct?

Thanks in advance for your help

Jorge Alonso de Armiño Escudero

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