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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:08:14 GMT
Henri Gomez wrote:

> Yes but add the ability to activate/include modules, which is
> the Costin idea ;)

Actually - I think it is your idea :-) ( well, now it makes a lot
of sense - I'm in "how didn't I think of it" mode ). 

That means I will drop my minimal proposal, or at least rewrite
it to be one "profile" in the normal distribution. Remy's arguments
are also very valid.

I think we can focus on 4 profiles:
- JSR154 only
- minimal ( JSR154 + JSR152 )
- default ( the current set of features )
- all 

The main technical problem is the class loader - we probably need
to place most jars in a "repository" - but not in the loader - and use the 
manifest or config files to pick what we need. Again, the jmx
model may help us. ( jboss solution is to just copy the files
- which does makes sense in a way )

Jon - would that be reasonable middle-ground for you ? It gives you
a JSR154-only profile, included in the "main" distribution. The downside
is that jasper will still be included ( disabled and invisible in your
profile - visible in all others ). 


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