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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 20:33:30 GMT
Jon Scott Stevens wrote:

> on 2002/12/9 7:51 AM, "Costin Manolache" <> wrote:
>> No Jon - my vote wasn't based on your biasses about jasper, but on the
>> biasses of many members of the tomcat community.
> So, you speak for these people? I don't think so.

No, I speak for myself. I like and use jasper - and I think the tomcat
official releases should include both tomcat and jasper. 
Just like you don't speak for the users.

>> 5.0 was supposed to be the release we make togheter, as a united
>> community based on consensus.
> My proposal has nothing to do with that.

2 -1 and one -0 vote versus 3 +1 votes doesn't look like a consensus.

If Sun or anyone else wants to release a JSR154-only product - they
can do it and we should make it easy to do so. 
I don't think we should do it ( as tomcat community ).

I heard the argument about "user choice" and "freedom to experiment" on 
avalon ( to justify "everyone releasing his own container" ). I think
their current attempt to have a single product is a move in the right

>> Consensus.
> What consensus? This has nothing to do with which container to use. It has
> everything to do with giving people options.

Is Apache http having n different releases with all the possible 
combinations of modules ( to give users choice ) ? They include all the
modules in the httpd repository ( some disabled by default ).

That also goes against my proposal for minimal tomcat as well - and supports
Remy's argument that we should have one release. 


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