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From Joakim Ström <>
Subject Unexpected behavior in mod_jk redirector for IIS
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 09:41:05 GMT

I'm trying to use Tomcat in a Webdav app running under IIS,
but keep running into severe problems with the IIS connector
that are stalling our project.

I have tried the users list without any luck with two cases,
and some colleagues now think we should look for another servlet
container. But I would like to try this list before giving up,
as we suspect there may be bugs in mod_jk.

We are using IIS 5.0 and Tomcat 4.1.12. Neither of the problems
below occur if I use Tomcat directly on port 8080.

1. mod_jk v. 1.2.1

With mod_jk v. 1.2.1, all HTTP OPTIONS requests are turned down
with status 500 internal server error code. The options requests
never enter my servlet code.

I found a similar question which has been posted earlier to Bugzilla:

The problem description seems identical to what I am experiencing.
But I have found no follow-up on this report. Any clues on this?

2. mod_jk2 v. 2.0.1 and 2.0.2

This works much better. But there is one serious error:

in some cases large files get corrupted when
uploading--32 bytes of the file are taken from one location
and copied to a later place in the file. Typically the error
occurs the first time at appr. the 56,000th byte in the file.
If the file is very large, the same sequence of 32 bytes gets
copied several times later on in the file. The file is not
sent using chunked transfer-encoding.

The call finishes without errors, and there are no suspicious-
looking entries in the logs as far as I can tell (I have set
log_level=debug in the registry for the isapi filter). The size
of the produced file on the server is the same as the original,
but the same number of bytes that were erroneously copied are
missing at the end of the file. The next http call after this
happens always fails, as the bytes that should have been at the
end of the file seem to be left on the socket.

This error does not happen every time I upload a large file, but
usually once out of 2-5 tries.

I would be very happy if the problem could be resolved, especially
with JK2 which seems like the better bet, and any help will be much

Best Regards,
Joakim Strom, Excosoft

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