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From Christoph Seibert <>
Subject (Tiny) help offer
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:49:19 GMT
Hi there,

I just subscribed to tomcat-dev in order to discuss a nitpick
issue I found in Tomcat 4.1.18.

The intro page you get on starting Tomcat for the first time, that
is the index page of the ROOT webapp, does not have a correct
doctype and is therefore probably invalid HTML, though I must admit
I haven't actually checked this yet with a validator. In addition,
it uses layout tables, purely presentational elements and more
things that (not only) I consider to be bad web design practice.

I won't complain longer about this if (a) nobody else thinks this
is in the least important, or (b) you let me fix this. ;-) I consider
myself to have extensive knowledge in modern, standards-compliant HTML
writing, and would like to put this knowledge to use.

This way, I hope to get involved in the Tomcat project in a small
way. If this goes well, I'd start checking the other example pages
as well.

What do you think?


--- Christoph Seibert          ---
-- Farlon Dragon -==(UDIC)==- --
- Who can possibly rule if no one                                -
-         who wants to can be allowed to?     - D. Adams, HHGTTG -

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