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Subject [5] Schema and dtd validation
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 18:26:29 GMT
There are 2 big problems: they are very slow and schema is not implemented
in most parsers in use ( and where it is, it takes a huge space ).

In tomcat33 we use a 'stamp' to make sure each xml file is validated
only once ( and after it is changed ). There is absolutely no reason
to validate the same file 1000 times if the file doesn't change. So 
at the minimum we should port this feature.

However this is just a workaround for the lack of a 'deployment' 
stage in tomcat. Now that we include ant, I think it would be 
better to _not_ validate on startup, but on deploy.

By 'deploy' I mean the moment a 'new' webapp is added to tomcat.
By new I mean either an app that was never loaded before, including
an app that is modified. 

The 'deployment' can happen at any time -  _before_ the app is added
to tomcat. 

For now I'll just add an option to turn off validation - and start
working on an antfile to 'validate' an webapp. 


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