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From Dev Zero G Ltd <>
Subject Re: Strange delays while Tomcat works
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:39:23 GMT
We will try that, however - the problem seemed to have disappeared when 
the app was ran on Tomcat 4.1.9... Just out of curiosity - any idea why?

Thanks in advance,

Dev Zero G team

Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> This most likely is due to JVM garbage collection.  You may need to tune
> your java startup arguments to tune your memory usage and GC.
> When the JVM does GC the application (Tomcat) freezes until the GC is 
> complete.
> Try starting Tomcat with the java arg "-verbose:gc", this will add
> data about TC to stdout.
> Regards,
> Glenn
> Dev Zero G Ltd wrote:
>> Hi, all!
>>    Introduction: we have Windows 2000 running SUN JDK 1.4.0, Tomcat 
>> 4.0.4 and our software, that uses Struts and taglibs.
>> While requesting action from browser we have strange delays during whole
>> request-serving process. In a words, action (servlet) receives a 
>> request, does some work, sends control to the JSP page, which prepares 
>> resulting HTML page for browser. This JSP page has a lot of custom 
>> tags instances (from jakarta-struts project and our own as well). 
>> Using debug output (an old method - System.out.println(...) ) we 
>> realized, that tomcat suddenly  "hangs" up for some time - every time 
>> in different places of source code. Seems like it runs servlet (for 
>> less that 1 second), than makes some kind of preparing of JSP file (i 
>> think it's enough to compile servlet from it just one time - but not 
>> everytime, as we have) - for aproximately 5-6 seconds, and processes 
>> JSP page. The very strange behavior aoccurs right there - custom tags 
>> may be
>> executed for 2,3,6 or even 10 seconds. In other time, after executing 
>> part of JSP page, debug output stops, and continues after 2-3 seconds.
>>    On computer we have stopped all background services, it has 1GHz 
>> Duron CPU and 512M RAM - so I think problem is not in hardware. May be 
>> some tuning of Tmcat conf files will help - some kind of buffer sizes 
>> etc. I couldn't find anything helpful not in server.xml, nor in 
>> web.xml of application.
>>    I'll repeat, such delays always occurs while procxessing the JSP 
>> page, almost every time - in different source location. But these 
>> delays realy slows whole project - so ANY KIND OF HELP AND/OR 
>> SUGGESTIONS would be taken in consideration with gratitude.
>> Dev Zero G team

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