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From Yunfeng Hou <>
Subject Re: jasper package
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:32:33 GMT
> The Java compiler used by Tomcat doesn't have any
> problems compiling the
> sources that are currently being generated.  What
> compiler are you trying
> to use that has problems with it?  That's where your
> problem really
> appears to lie.

Yes, because the magic class loader has the tricky
work done. Still, the package name of the generated
class and the directory it resides are not consistent.
It makes debug impossible. Here's what Sysdeo - a
tomcat plugin for eclipse, says how to debug jsp.


Workaround 1 : install our Tomcat 4.x patch. 
Workaround 2 (from Gabriel Krupa) : if your jsp is
/myjspdir/myjsp.jsp, generated servlet will be in
work/org/apache/jsp/myjspdir, change package
definition from org.apache.jsp to
org.apache.jsp.myjspdir, to debug your jsp access it
from your browser with the following URL :

Workaround 3 : use Tomcat 3.3 (servlet 2.2 and JSP
1.1), with Tomcat 3, package definition is compliant
with file location.

Yunfeng Hou

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