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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Separating Tomcat and Apache configuration
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:48:22 GMT
Milt Epstein <> wrote:

> 2. If the connector directives could be specified in .htaccess files,
>  this would give us the control we need.  But apparently this is not
>  possible.  It's my understanding that when a directive is created,
>  it is specified what context it can be used in, where server,
>  virtualhost, and htaccess are some of the possible contexts.  Is
>  there some special reason mod_jk and mod_webapp directives are not
>  allowed in htaccess context?  What would it take to add this?  Is
>  this something the tomcat developers would consider doing.

Milt. FWIW, directives into a .htaccess file are scoped as if they were into
a <Directory ...> tag...

And directories don't have much meaning when thinking about webapp...

It would be as specifying "ScriptAlias" in a directory, which doesn't make
much sense (scriptalias aliases an URL prefix with a directory, and enables
the +ExecCGI option).

The question would be, how would I be able to figure out your web
application deployment path from the .htaccess? I only have your local
directory on the drive...

Give some examples...


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