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From Simon Stewart <>
Subject Re: Configuring mod_jk2
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:15:12 GMT
On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 11:19:54AM -0700, wrote:
> While documenting the jk2 config, it would be _very_ usefull to
> make some notes on how we can improve the configuration in 
> future.

Will do. The most obvious thing that springs to mind is that the
config files don't look anything like the declarative xml that is used
when configuring other enterprise java components (I'm thinking of
web.xml, ejb-jar.xml, etc) or the pseudo-xml of httpd.conf. Since an
XML parser is included "for free" with JDK1.4, and tomcat can
obviously parse XML even without this (web.xml again) how hard would
it be to implement?

The format of the workers2.ini file is even more perplexing: it
doesn't look anything like a "normal" java properties file; more like
a windows INI file than anything else. It just doesn't "chime" with
the experience of your average admin or java developer, ime.

> My goal was (is) to eventually support a preferences-like
> configuration, with multiple backends ( including directory services
> and win32 registry ).

It sounds like an interesting thing to do, but won't this hamper
portability? It's nice to be able to take the and and put them in the right place on any platform.

> The model used is 'named objects with properties' - each configurable jk 
> component has a name and a number of attributes it supports. 
> ( same thing is already modeled in tomcat - via JMX )
> Unfortunately we don't have yet support on the java side for 
> the [ini] style, that would simplify the documentation - but 
> that may be good, as it underline the fact that the config 
> data storage is supposed to be modular.
> If you find something that doesn't seem right, we can still fix it.

I'll try and be constructive. Thanks for being so open.



Basically, a tool is an object that enables you to take advantage of the
laws of physics and mechanics in such a way that you can seriously injure
yourself.  - Dave Barry, "The Taming of the Screw"

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