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Subject Re: JK2/Coyote Connector Testing Effort
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 00:25:52 GMT
On Mon, 20 May 2002, Anthony W. Marino wrote:

> (TC4.1.2/JK2/Apache2)
> 1) Is it required that for a build/distribution that the entire set 
> of coyote jars also be distributed when the build is based on a new j-t-c 
> download from cvs?  

The C and java sides are independent of each other, you can use the C 
module with any version of tomcat from tomcat3.2 ( up to coyote ).

There are few build 'glitches' - I'll try to improve it as soon as 
I get back.

> 2) Can Ant1.5b1 be used to build existing files?

Any ant after 1.4 should work, as well as configure ( i.e. ant is not 
the only way to build jk ).

The current ant tasks for building C work reasonably well - and
I think it's a good idea ( for some reasons I prefer to write 
logic in java rather than .sh or m4 ). However libtool/configure/make
remain a solid solution.


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