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From Bernd Koecke>
Subject Re: local worker patch for JK1
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 14:04:56 GMT wrote:
> Hi,
> there is  something that bothers me  in the patch Bernd  sent, that is
> the local_worker  property of  workers, I think  the concept  of local
> worker is linked  with that of load balancing worker,  and not to that
> of worker.  Nothing forbids  to have an  ajp13 worker in  several load
> balancing workers, if the local worker property is linked to the ajp13
> worker, the worker  will be considered local for  every load balancing
> worker it appears in which is something I think should be avoided.
> Mathias.

Sorry, but I asked for, how to handle this flag yesterday and I got no response. 
Costin said, that he'll wait for my patch, and I don't want to let him wait for 

If we add a list to the lb_worker, how should this be handled? Lets say it is 
called 'local_workers'. Should the local workers be in the list of balanced 
workers too? If yes, I think this makes the config look a little bit unclean. If 
not, we have to change the validate function more than I want to, because it 
depends on having balanced workers. And with a second list it is possible to 
have only local workers.

By the way, with the same motivation we should ask about the lb_value. It is not 
possible to have one worker with different values in different lb_workers. But 
it may be that one worker is the most powerful in one group (lb_worker) and less 
powerful in another. Ok normaly the lb_values should be choosen in order to the 
power of all workers and not because of one group. :)

I build the patch for the described simple situation. When I understand jk2 
right, this would be the right choice for a more complex environment.

Which way should be implemented? We should find one position and implement it 
then. May be I was a little bit to fast this time :).

Dipl.-Inform. Bernd Koecke
Schlund+Partner AG
Fon: +49-721-91374-0

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