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From "Anthony W. Marino" <>
Subject "j-t-c/jk/native(2) build.xml": Global Server Property Initialization Issue
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 18:36:12 GMT
For example, the "apache13.home" property is set with too a generic/common 
directory location which should, 100% of the time, evaluate to true when 
checked with an "available" task (ie; target "detect").

This global assignment will only occur, of course, when one has purposely 
commented-out (indicating apache13 not available) or inadvertantly omitted 
that particular property from a properties file.

Several possible solutions:

1) Initialize the property with a more specific dir path (ie; 
/usr/local/apache13 (see "apache2.home" intialization).  Only issue here is 
if the user had several installs of apache13 including in the default path 
and intended to use another installation path.

2) Remove the global assignment and make it a prerequisite for the user to add 
this to a properties file which will always fail if not preset in a 
properties file.

If you are going to setup global properties in "build.xml" maybe some 
conditional statements are in order, where applicable, to be more os 
specific/compliant.  Or mabe os specific properties files that could be 
generated/used automatically?


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