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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Building modapp for Tomcat4.0 and apache1_3.23
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:44:02 GMT
"Punky Tse" <> wrote:

>> The problem described is a compilation problem and isn't related to to the
> make install.  I had this problem when I tried to compile the source after
> downloading it a while ago.  The problem is caused by the constants TYPE_...
> not being defined anywhere in the source.  To solve this problem I took at
> look at the java warp source to determine what the constants should be and
> then added them into pr_warp.h file as follows:
>> #define TYPE_ERROR 0x00
>> #define TYPE_DISCONNECT 0xfe
>> ....
> I recalled that lib/pr_warp_defs.h was failed to be generated when
> had been moved.
> See the diff:
> in.diff?r1=1.21&r2=1.22&diff_format=h

If someone would have cared to ask on the mailing list, I would have -1ed
the change, but since more than few things are screwed around here, I
stopped caring a long time ago...

Thank god that HTTPD works in other ways...


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