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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: Building modapp for Tomcat4.0 and apache1_3.23
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:46:35 GMT
Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> "Punky Tse" <> wrote:
>>Your correction/fix is good, and I remembered that you solved my problem.
>>The things that screwed up is the move of, which is not made
>>by you... And I recalled that it is very hard to find out the dependency of
>> to pr_warp_defs.h.  But if the move of file gives a better and
>>clean code organization, I'll +1 for it.
> It DOESN'T... Before, all constants were defined in, and the
> pr_warp_defs.h was generated from it, so that with each build we were sure
> that the WARP definitions were correct, and if something did went wrong,
> simply the baby wouldn't have built...

pr_warp_defs.h is still generated from it...
And I WILL remove pr_warp_defs.h from cvs if someone put it there.

> Now if you want to touch that part, you have to edit TWO files, which
> contain the exact SAME information (nothing more , nothing less), and it's
> so easy to mistype... If I do mistype something, the whole crap builds fine,
> and then I have to debug it live...
> I don't see _this_ as a positive change (and all that just because someone
> wanted to use ANT, which, I repeat, I don't have and I don't use)...

Why? Ant is Jakarta.
There is still some work to do to have ant doing the configure...
And to compile our *.so files...
And add --enable-debug in

Ant is probably the good choice to build java projects but it starts to be 
"difficult" to use it when building c projects.

>     Pier
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