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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.1-dev Host unpackWARs not working
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 08:26:49 GMT
> Remy,
> I posted that _OLD_ proposal from 3/13/01 as an example of how I
> documented the behaviour of tomcat for managing web apps.  It was
> not meant as a current proposal.  Just as a place to start a discussion.

Well, I didn't like it so far.

> Could either you or Craig fully document what the expected behaviour is,
> then perhaps we can have a good discussion on how it can be improved.

The thing is that I don't think it can be improved without introducing some

> > To paraphrase a bit:
> > If unpack="false" then unpack.
> > If unpack="true" then unpack somewhere else.
> > Otehrwise, both do the same.
> >
> > The current behavior will hopefully encourage people not to rely on the
> > filesystem and use more portable APIs (a good thing IMO).
> >
> > -1 for removing expanded webapps on shutdown. You don't know if the user
> > modified something, and would like to see its modifications survive the
> > shutdown.
> The old proposal didn't say that.
> > At least unpack="false" currently makes things very clear, since the
> > can't modify anything without unpacking himself.
> >
> Right, except that isn't the way my customers will use it.  They want
> to be able to update files within the deployed app if needed to change
> a JSP, etc.

I won't let them if unpack="false" (the WAR will be packed). Otherwise, set
it to true (the WAR will be unpacked). It seems a bit obvious ...

> > -1 for update as a new manager command. Its behavior seems highly
> > unpredictable to me. remove + install seems better, so that the user
> > what he's doing.
> >
> I think update is an important feature to add.  A customer may need to
> the application but retain any data related to that application.  In that
> case they wouldn't want to do an install/remove.  I think it can be done
> a predictable manner.

I doubt it at this point. I'm not in favor of adding any intelligence and
do-stuff-behind-your-back features in the deployer.


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