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From Janek Bogucki <>
Subject Should StandardCluster.stop() throw a LifecycleException?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 00:49:31 GMT

Should StandardCluster.stop() throw a LifecycleException?

StandardCluster.stop () does not throw a LifecycleException when stop () is invoked on an
which has not been started. A message is logged but then the code proceeds and a
NullPointerException could result.

(I don't understand this class well enough to say whether this is really a bug or not, I could
well be missing something here...)


     * Gracefully terminate the active use of the public methods of this
     * component.  This method should be the last one called on a given
     * instance of this component.
     * @exception IllegalStateException if this component has not been started
     * @exception LifecycleException if this component detects a fatal error
     *  that needs to be reported
    public void stop() throws LifecycleException {
        // Validate and update our current component state
        if (!started)

        try {
            multicastSocket = null;
        } catch (IOException e) {

        if (debug > 1)

        lifecycle.fireLifecycleEvent(STOP_EVENT, null);
        started = false;

        // Stop the background reaper thread

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