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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re:Tomcat 4 JDBCRealm Connection Pooling
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:02:16 GMT

It would be nice to reference the JDBC data source rather than configuring the
realm seperately. The problem I see is that the Realm is global in server.xml
and the data sources are specific to individual contexts. Should the realm be
moved into the context so that different contexts could be configured with
different realms?


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Subject:    Tomcat 4 JDBCRealm Connection Pooling
Author: "Tomcat Developers List" <>
Date:       2/13/2002 10:25 AM

Currently the JDBCRealm does not use db Connection Pooling, instead
it maintains an open connection and synchronizes use of the connection.

I have been using the new Tomcat 4.1-dev DBCP for creating
a JNDI named JDBC DataSource and it has been working well.

The easiest way to implement db connection pooling may be by 
providing a JDBC Realm which uses a JNDI named JDBC DataSource.

Should this support be added to the current JDBCRealm, or should a new
realm be created which uses a JNDI named JDBC DataSource?



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