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From <>
Subject Re: [j-t-c] ajp and headaches
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 05:56:10 GMT
On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Remy Maucherat wrote:

> > maybe it's just me, but i found trying to follow the java code
> particularly
> > painful.  i realize there is some development and refactoring going on
> with
> > ajp14 and all, but man!, it ain't pretty in there :)
> As far as the Java portion of the connector is concerned, the code is based
> on the current HTTP connector, which I don't think is very good (obviously,
> I don't like it at all, I wouldn't be experimenting with rewriting it
> otherwise).

The tomcat4.0 adapter - yes. The connector code ( low level Request, etc )
are based on MessageBytes, etc. It needs some tunning, but I
wouldn't change it without some good reasons.

I'm more interested in the low level stuff, and if possible I would like
to keep a similar object model on both sides ( it'll help on JNI and in
general ).

The higher level needs some work...

Kevin - if you have time, extracting the mapping out of tomcat4 would help
a lot ! Also, for passing the 'route' to the session manager we need a bit
of code - we need to first "find" the session manager, then a small piece
of code to set the jvmRoute on the request. I know this is not
'refactoring', but problems we need to solve asap.


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