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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: JK2: Configuration(1)
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2001 08:33:09 GMT wrote:

> Yes, Henri has added quite a bit of code for that. I did few changes to
> make the 'autoconf' usable with other workers and more 'exposed' - see
> jk_webapp, jk_uriEnv.
> And this will remain and will be enhanced - we want tomcat to be able to
> send notifications like 'webapp reload' or 'webapp down', etc.
> Or the reverse - apache to send this to the workers in the farm (
> assuming a 'central' tomcat or after a soft restart of apache ).

Soon enough, both Tomcat and Apache will weld the power switch and then
the question 'Is there God' will be answered ;-)

> The major problems and why I don't think this can be the only way:
> - it requires tomcat to be started
> - it's not very clear how it'll work for a complex case ( many workers,
> some apps replicated, some not ). It's hard to imagine how to do that in
> general, having it automated and on the wire is too much.
> - it's hard to 'tune'. I think we are at an early stage, where we still
> learn how people are using tomcat/apache. With few scripts you can do a
> lot - like rsync webapps/, generate 'native' configs, insert special
> settings.

Seems logical.

Since mod_jk is going to be reading configuration files, one of them
being /WEB-INF/, which is a 'replica' of web.xml,
why not go all the way and include XML support. I think there is a C
library around for that (pretty sure since I played with it a bit).
People might not appreciate the fact the number of configuration files
is going up.

> On a complex site, Apache will probably server more that java pages - and
> talk with more than a single tomcat.
> Having a file-hierarchy based system can allow delegation ( change the
> permissions on a dir and let a group manage an application/vhosts ), etc.
> Things that would be hard to do if we rely only on a wire protocol ( or at
> least hard to do in the next 2-3 months, after we gain more experience I'm
> sure we can do it )

Maybe there should be virtual file system layer that is capable of
reading certain files over the wire by giving Tomcat proper requests. Or
something along those lines. Then you can have both local file system
and a remote one handled the same way (i.e. through mod_jk knowledge of
config files).

Just babbling... :-)


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