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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a JSP to JSP Document (XML view of JSP) Converter
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 22:28:51 GMT
A couple of ideas/options to think about:

* There is a converter of the sort you suggest in the jakarta-watchdog-4.0
  repository at Apache (in the org.apache.jspxml package under src/tools).
  This is used in Watchdog to make a copy of all the JSP-syntax test
  pages into XML syntax, to check identical functionality in either

* In JSP 1.2, there is the concept of a Validator that is fed (at
  compile time) a view of the page in XML syntax, no matter which
  syntax you started with.  In the "exapmles" web app, there is a
  really simple Validator implementation that simply writes this
  out to System.out -- you might be able to adapt this.

Craig McClanahan

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Ragy Eleish wrote:

> Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:09:24 -0800
> From: Ragy Eleish <>
> Reply-To: Tomcat Developers List <>
> To: "''" <>
> Subject: Proposal for a JSP to JSP Document (XML view of JSP) Converter
> Hi,
> I would like to propose the following (I tried to be as brief as possible):
> Proposal:
> -------------
> Write a tool based on the Jasper code line to convert normal JSPs to the XML
> view of JSPs (aka JSP Document). This tools should have a two modes; the
> first one to convert any JSP to XML view of JSP. The second mode to convert
> HTML+JSP to XHTML+JSP document, where it fixes all HTML tags incorrectness
> and convert them to XHTML transient format (like an enhanced Tidy).
> Reason:
> ------------
> JSP document has many benefits that include the ability to apply XSLT on the
> pages to statically transform the pages to a different view. It could allow
> some compile time checking of JSP page, which would save development time
> for JSP writers.
> Therefore to enhance the JSP document adoption, I thought that such a tool
> would facilitate the migration to JSP documents. By allowing existing
> applications to convert their normal JSPs automatically instead of the doing
> that manually.
> Research:
> --------------
> I did investigate Jasper code and found it doesn't implement a full fledged
> parser, but it is written in a way to allow easy modifications. I wrote a
> prototype of the converter. The main difficulty is that Jasper is not
> written for customization, so factories may need to be added to it.
> Development:
> -------------------
> I am going to build this tool for my company's internal use, and would be
> actively maintaining it. We will perform QA on that tool in-house. I would
> be great to get
> Time Frame:
> ------------------
> I expect the initial version of the tool to take 3 to 4 weeks max worth of
> development time.
> Open Questions:
> -----------------------
> - Should this tool be a forked from Jasper code line or should Jasper be
> modified to add customizations to it?
> - Is that an acceptable proposal? If yes, who should I contact to commit to
> code to CVS (since I don't have a commit status)?
> Regards
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