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From Thomas Riemer <>
Subject Feedback 3.3 RC1
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 05:51:22 GMT
I'm trying to do the upgrade to Tomcat 3.3 rc1.

1.  I am trying to get the "interceptors.xml" stuff to work for an 
authentication module that I wrote.
     The module was working under the previous version (Tomcat 3.3 m4) - 
and through lots of messy
       class path invocation I had it working.    The interceptors code 
looks and appears much cleaner,
    and my log indicates that indeed it is reading the right file....

   It would help immensely to have someone check in and e-mail me an 
example interceptors.xml.

2. I am having classpath issues.   Unless I am misunderstanding the 
documentation, I should be
     able to put a jar file into $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/apps - and have it 
accessible from the
     application contetxt.   As far as I can tell jar files in lib/apps 
are entirely ignored.   When I add
     the jar files to lib/common it seems like things work.  Has anyone 
else noticed this behavior?    


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