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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Tyrex Pools
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 03:22:04 GMT
> I started doing a little testing on the Tyrex pools on my local machine,
> and it doesn't appear to actually be pooling the connections.  In a 1
> minute period, I managed to get 118 hits (none of the connection lasted
> for the entire minute - they lasted at most 5 seconds) and I checked my
> outgoing connections, and had 128 (I'm assuming my stress-tester didn't
> count 10 connections that were active when I told it to stop.)
> Anyhow, the point is, every time I request a connection from the pool,
> I'm getting a brand new connection - not a recycled one.  I'm calling
> close() on the connection in a finally block (and it is getting called).
>   Is there something else I have to do on the DataSource to ensure that
> the connection gets recycled properly?  Or am I missing some
> configuration in my server.xml?

The JNDI implementation of Catalina doesn't rebind after the lookup. So it
you do 200 lookups, you'll get 200 different data source instances. I was
unsure if it was a good idea to rebind resolved objects (for example, Tyrex
JNDI implementation doesn't), so I didn't do it.

Instead, I would retrieve the DataSource in the init() method of the
servlet, and put it in an instance variable.


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