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From "Peter Romianowski" <>
Subject LinkageError: duplicate Class definition
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 18:20:04 GMT
hi there,

I got a weird problem getting on here. I'm using tomcat 4b07 on both win2000
and linux.
after startup I start some threads and when they execute for the first time
I get a LinkageError: duplicate Class definition.
there are 4 things with this I dont understand:
1st: all classes are there exactly once. no jar is twice within the
classpath (I checked that a dozen times)
2nd: the error occurs only when the thread is executing for the very first
time. after each execution I wait some amount of time (Thread.sleep) and
when the code which crashed before is re-executed everything works fine.
3rd: the linkage error is not restricted to a particular package. if I
remove the non working threads, then the linkage error comes back again at
some other place/thread.
4th: sometimes (very rarely) the error does not occur, but after restarting
tomcat it is back again.

i figured out that this is not nescessarely related to threads I start. if i
do not start any thread of my own, then the first jsp-execution (after
compilation) brings up the error.

my configuration:
1 wep app (not war) with all required jars in WEB-INF/lib (which are
deployed at startup)

not btw but with full attention: tomcat rulez, man!


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