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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: Remaining Tomcat 3.3 Issues
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:10:21 GMT
> I need CRLF for building on Windows.  It appears that some files
> were checked in from *nix containing CR's that were not stripped
> during the commit.  When I checkout or update from Windows, CVS
> still adds a CR in front of all LFs.  The result is CRCRLF which
> Dev Studio wants to fix.  I'd just like the source to be "clean"
> for final release.  I'm not sure what happens on *nix systems when
> they encounter a CR.

This question pops up from time to time..

The problem is in CVS, somebody has co the sources from a windows
machine and committed from *nix system, or reversed ( i think however
that co'ing in *nix and commiting from windows is worse ) .. this a
known problem and the culprit is the CVS itself.., that stores the files
without the CR ever, and if the co machine is win32 it adds
automatically the CR..

The solution is so easy make sure that the file in question has the
correct line endings for the system where it is and commit from there,
CVS will take care.., and every one that gets the code form CVs will get
the correct line endings.

Another problem is to have them bundled correctly in the src
distribution, or we need 2 distributions ( win32 and *nix) or someone
will complaint , if the dist is done in win32 , *nix people will scream
, if reversed the other :)..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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