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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Tomcat 4 build from CVS this morning, bugs in request cookie handling?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 16:59:18 GMT
I built Tomcat 4 from CVS this morning and it looks like there may be a problem
in how it is handling cookies, especially the JSESSIONID cookie.  The HttpServletRequest
seems to no longer recognize that the session came from a cookie.

To verify this, install the jakarta-taglibs request-examples.war as a webapp.
Resubmit the request.jsp page several times.  At the bottom it does tests for
things in the request such as isRequestedSessionIdValid and isRequestedSessionFromCookie.
These continue to be false even after multiple requests for request.jsp.

I saw this problem in another application, then used the request-examples.war to
verify it.


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