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From "Roland" <>
Subject Limits on the size of the web.xml file?
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 18:15:36 GMT
Hello is there a limit to the size of the web.xml file? This is because if
we want to have a large user database with say 500 users, and make a
separate security constraint for each user to protect his directories from
the other users we will have quite a large web.xml file.
Each security constraint has 602 bytes(characters), that would make 500*602
= 301000 bytes = 300 Kb(for 500 users).

Any problems with that?

What about the really large stuff(fortunately not our case)? If you would
make a public Webmail and have say 1 000 000(one million) users?
That would make 602 Million bytes = 602 Megabyte web.xml file. Quite large,
isn't it ? :)))

Thanks Roland

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