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From "Angel Aray" <>
Subject RE: Ajp13 wrong Response
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 17:17:26 GMT
I am seeing the problem appears almost on a daily basis with
very little traffic. When the 3 people who use the system (consisting
of 3 html forms and 3 servlets) happen to hit submit roughtly at the same
the problems appears.

Once the problems appears we start to get mixed responses very frequently
and the only solutions is to restart tomcat to get it back to a good state.

Another, questions how would you know that ab is getting the right response.
Let say your simple servlet just echo some information extracted from the
httpRequest. Using ab everything would seem to be working, all request
would get back some apparently good response.

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From: GOMEZ Henri []
Sent: Martes, 03 de Julio de 2001 10:45 a.m.
Subject: RE: Ajp13 wrong Response

Very difficult to reproduce a situation under heavy load.
I stressed my Apache/TC with ab during nigths without
any failures but It was against simple servlets

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>From: Angel Aray []
>Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 2:46 PM
>Subject: RE: Ajp13 wrong Response
>I'll try that, but the problem I am seeing is with tomcat as late
>as TC 3.3-M3.
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>From: GOMEZ Henri []
>Sent: Martes, 03 de Julio de 2001 04:10 a.m.
>Subject: RE: Ajp13 wrong Response
>>> I am having a problem which is very difficult to reproduce.
>>Under certain
>>> conditions some request get the response for some other
>>request. It looks
>>> like at some point probably due to some synchronization
>issues tomcat
>>> mixes de responses from different clients.
>It was a known problem in early age of TC 3.3, with RequestDispatcher.
>Could you try a fresh install of TC 3.3-M4 ?
>>> I hadn't seen this behavior before, but since I moved  from
>>using just
>>> tomcat to using apache + mod_jk + tomcat it has occurred a couple of
>>> Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before?
>>> I am using apache_1.3.20, tomcat33-m3.

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