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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Separating Service code from Tomcat 4.0
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 20:40:29 GMT
Elijah Roberts at wrote:
> On Wednesday July 25, 2001 Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> I want GOOD system integration; that means I want Tomcat to look like a
>> native process, and to behave like a native process.
> This is one of the reasons I wrote with JNI in the first place. I wanted
> the process to show up as tomcat.exe not as java.exe in the task manager.
> When you've got four or five Java based services running and they all are
> simply listed as java.exe it's a pain to figure out what going on
> sometimes. Also, I didn't really want to have to start a whole seperate
> JVM to stop a service using a socket, I would rather have a seperate call
> made into the existing JVM to limit memory and cpu use.
> If you decide to include JavaSerive as part of Tomcat I'd be willing to
> help with any changes that are necessary to use it.

Yes. I am definitely _EAGER_ to include JavaService with my Service code,
and distribute it all together with Tomcat 4.0 (from the next beta).

A couple of changes are needed for your code to be integrated with my
current Service, as you use static methods in classes, while my Service is
an interface which needs to be implemented...

And I have a two-step initialization process, since under Unix we can use
the first one (load) to bind to ports < 1024 while running as root, and
start() gets called after the user has been downgraded.


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