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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: [JSR-96-Members] JSR-096 (Java Daemon API) critique...
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 12:07:19 GMT
Kruszewski Marek at wrote:

> First of all I would like to ask for excuse those recipients of this mail
> who are not directly involved in the specification of java daemons. The
> discussion has run somehow out of control. I don't know what kind of
> personal or professional problems Pier tries to solve or excuse this way,
> but I can guarantee you that the member of this JSR has nothing common with
> his problems (if any). I hope, that in the future our discussion will stay
> within this expert group.

The discussion has definitely not ran out of control. My email was targeted
to a specific group of people:

- The JSR-096 members (for obvious reasons).
- The Apache members and JCP committee at Apache: I am the official
  representative of the Apache Software Foundation in this JSR, and if I
  am voting against it, I want to inform my community on _WHY_ I'm doing it.
- Tomcat Developers: my Service code has been posted under the Tomcat 4.0
  project CVS. People looking at what I was doing in Tomcat land and at the
  outcomes of this JSR were wondering why my approach was different, and
  it's (I believe) in my rights to tell them _why_.
- Jim Driscoll: he is my manager (and the person who is responsible for my
  paychecks). I believe it's only fair for him to know what I'm doing.

My further replies were addressed only to the JSR-096 list (apart from an
intense traffic of emails and phone calls that went thru this week-end
privately between me and other members of this JSR), and in the future,
since the specification is not yet in Public Review, all my replies will be
only addressed only to the experts mailing list.

Anyway, it's so nice to know that we have another expert on Daemons from
Dialogika, Marek, as this is the very first email you posted on this topic
(to me or to the experts mailing list) since February the 7th, 2001 (date
when I joined): Hi, my name is Pier Fumagalli and I'm a developer of the
Apache Tomcat project, nice to meet you...


(Further replies are on the JSR-096 experts mailing list)

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