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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject Tomcat 3.3 Beta Status
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 14:36:27 GMT

Thanks Costin for moving the "util" classes from j-t-c back
into jakarta-tomcat.  The jakarta-tomcat source tree is self-contained

A recent change was made to jasper such that it now preserves the
line termination found in the JSP when writing the Java file.  This
causes the positiveGetRemaining.jsp test to fail.  This test has been
updated in the tomcat_32 branch of jakarta-watchdog.  Please update
your watchdog tests to pick up this change.

At the moment, unless I hear reasons otherwise, I plan to include the
internal connectors as part of this release.  If you know of any
bug fixes in j-t-c that should be ported to jakarta-tomcat, please
let me know.

I have some more testing and some clean up to complete.  I plan to
add the tomcat_33_b1 tag sometime tonight or early tomorrow.  If
you have any issues that still need addressing, please let me know.


Larry Isaacs
SAS Institute Inc.

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