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From Kief Morris <>
Subject RE: PROPOSAL: Tomcat docs
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 14:58:35 GMT
Robert Slifka typed the following on 09:45 AM 7/4/2001 -0400
>> 2) "<web app development w/Tomcat>"  Can't think of a title =) 
>> ^
>> Tomcat Webdeveloper Guide
>I think we do need to separate out the fact that there are a group of people
>who will developing/embedding/extending Tomcat, and a group of people that
>will be developing web applications for Tomcat.  As a web developer, I don't
>care a lot of about Tomcat's internals ;)

How about "(Web?) Application Developers' Guide", to more closely map to the
servlet spec terminology. For the other bit, maybe "Container Architecture Guide".
I think we should avoid the phrase "Tomcat Developer" since, as this mailing list 
proves, many application developers think that since they are developing on 
Tomcat, they are Tomcat developers. 

As a side-rant, "tomcat-dev" is really a bad name for this list (and as a pattern 
for the other Jakarta lists), since a "Windows Developer" generally is someone 
who develops for rather than implements the Windows platform, ditto "Java 
Developer", etc. "tomcat-contrib", "struts-contrib", etc. would be much more


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