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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Different approach to TC as a service (was: Separating Service code from Tomcat 4.0)
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:31:49 GMT
Hi Joe et al,

Joe Flowers wrote:
[snip cogent words about running TC as a service]

I agree with you 100% WRT the difficulty of getting JavaService to work
-- a sysadmin here pulled most of his few remaining hairs one day trying
to get it working, so while I haven't personally looked at it I can well

For the Domino connector I took a slightly different approach: the
Domino connector can optionally be configured to start Tomcat when it
loads. This has a number of benefits including

  * simplified installation
  * assurance that Tomcat starts and stops at the right time relative to
    the web server's lifecycle
  * conceptually portable

By "conceptually portable" I mean that while the code in the connector
to implement Tomcat startup and shutdown isn't the same for all
platforms the concept of running Tomcat in that way is -- you can safely
assume that whatever the platform the admin has already arranged for the
web server to start automatically if that's what they want, and the
arrangements for starting Tomcat at the same time are essentially the
same across all platforms.

It would be easy enough to add the same functionality to the other
connectors. This is a simple solution for all platforms in all cases
except the one where you want to have Tomcat autostart in stand-alone
mode, and I would assume that that's a relatively rare requirement.

If there's interest I can investigate adding the same functionality to
the other connectors.

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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