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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: [DOC] TOC - thoughts
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:27:20 GMT
Rob S. wrote:

> There is a WHACK of info in that TOC.  Your copyright is well-deserved =)
> First off, I think we should have an ultra-quick install guide.

Until there's an ultra-quick install script, there can't be a ultra-quick 
install guide. For 3.x at least, there are so many different options, 
especially when you start plugging in to Apache, that I don't think it's 

> PI.1.1:  I agree with the "big picture" view of things, but from what's
> there, it almost looks like you're explaining the parts that I as an admin,
> would expect to see in the installation documentation.  Was there something
> more to this section than a description of Tomcat's internal layout?

Not internal, but architectural -- like

Apache               JVM
                        Connector (port 8080)
   mod_jk ---------->   Connector (port 8007)
                        Web Applications

Or whatever...

> PI.1.2:  Agree with comments, remove to appendix. 

OK, done.

> PI.2.1:  I love pictures!  Some nice diagrams in here would go a lllong way.
> Not sure about the "choose OS" or "install Java" sections.  I mean, there's
> catering to the LCD and there's catering to the LCD...

These would just be a few sentences, mostly saying how Tomcat is 
platform-neutral.  However, you do need to make sure JAVA_HOME is set (or at 
least know what it is if the script can't find it) etc.

> I think a lot of PI.2 is overkill, and some unnecessary, dependant upon the
> implied length of the sections from  the TOC I suppose...  I mean one or two
> sentences to "downloading JDK", sure, but more than that?  Definitely more
> suited to a book than "good enough" docs ;)

Right, this doc started life as a book outline for a book I may yet write. I 
like outlining to great detail... It saves me from having to think too much 
later. I'll leave it in for now as a placeholder, but I expect it'll remain 
empty for a while.

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