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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject DOC: Table of Contents
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 17:02:50 GMT
Here's my current Table of Contents. As I said in an earlier message,

 > I'd like to organize this TOC as a little more abstract than a simple 
table of contents. Each section should be organized to contain not just 
our original documents, but also a list of other resources on that 
topic. This will be a good way to get a useful set of docs up and 
running quickly. In fact, I imagine that many of the chapters will 
remain unwritten for a while, since there may be existing documents, or 
articles, or FAQ entries that cover the topic (even if not exclusively).

 > In short, I propose that writing a TOC is a very important first 
step, and that this TOC should live a life of its own as a standalone 
document, containing links to other docs, and meta-information like 
links to other docs as well.

I used emacs outline mode, which uses * to represent header level, so we 
don't have to renumber all the chapters all the time.
  * = part
  ** = chapter
  *** = section

For the Security chapter, I took the outline Antony wrote. I trust the 
current discussion thread will improve upon it.

Since there's a lot of detail in here, here's the outline to one level 
of headers only:

* Part I: Installation Guide
** Overview
** Pre-Installation
** Installation Standalone
** Server lifecycle management
** Secure Server (SSL)
** Virtual Hosts
** Installing Jasper (JSP)
** Logging
** Load Balancing
* Part II: Installation Behind A Web Server
** Installation Behind a Web Server Overview
** Behind Apache
** Behind IIS
** Behind iPlanet
* Part III: Deploying Web Applications in Tomcat
** Web Application Primer
** The Web application directory structure
** Deploying your Web applications
** Reloading
** Aliasing and redirecting
** Security
** Developing with Jasper (JSP)
* Part IV: Performance
** Performance Tuning Web Applications
** Tuning the server
** Load Balancing
* Part V: Tomcat Development
** Tomcat 3.x vs 4.x
** Overview of Tomcat code base
** Downloading the source code
** Building the source code
** Bugs
** Developing Interceptors (Tomcat 3.x)
** Developing Valves (Tomcat 4.x)
** Developing Connectors
** Using Tomcat Utility Classes
* Appendices
** server.xml documentation
** web.xml documentation
** Glossary
** Resources

A note on copyright: I'm claiming copyright for this document, since I 
may use parts of it to write articles or books, and I haven't done the 
research on what it means to post text (as opposed to code) into an 
Apache project. I'd contribute it explicitly as open source if I were 
sure I'd keep my rights to use it too. If anyone can enlighten me on 
this topic, please respond with a separate subject line (like 
"Copyrights") so we can keep discussions of copyright separate from 
discussions of the table of contents itself. The copyright will not 
prevent other Apache contributors from using or editing it or adding it 
to the code base -- that is, I want to preserve *my* right to use it in 
a non-Apache context, but also to grant Apache the right to use it too. 
If that's even possible. I'm confused.

Anyway, here it is :-)

Next steps:
comments & revisions ad infinitum
flag each section as applicable to 3.x, 4.x, or both
add links to existing documents
volunteer authors to write chapters/sections

Alex Chaffee             
jGuru - Java News and FAQs
Creator of Gamelan       
Founder of Purple Technology
Curator of Stinky Art Collective

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