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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: re-use of tag objects via Tag.release method
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 23:41:35 GMT

Casey Lucas wrote:
> Ok, I'll bite.  Where's the best place to start looking?
> Code that does the rendering?  Wasn't there at one point talk
> of making the renderer more "pluggable"?


Since you asked, here are some ideas:

As a first step, I'd make sure to clearly understand all the spec
says about tag reuse.

Then, I'd get acquainted with the tomcat generated servlet 
code of various JSP pages that use tags. That will tell how access 
to tags is currently architected in jasper. (I think it will be easier 
than looking at the tags generator code itself, but if you're insterested 
in seeing that code, check the Tag* files in org.apache.jasper.compiler.)

Finally, with all that knowledge, I'd come come up with ideas, rough designs, 
etc... on how reuse could be implemented in Jasper. 
I don't think any deep knowledge of Jasper code is required to get up to

Use the list for help/feedback. Before long, you'll be the expert!

    -- Pierre

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