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Subject 3.2/3.x nightly builds
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 21:59:03 GMT
Will be available starting tonight.

Because I don't want to load daedalus and it's much easier for me, I'll
make them available from:

( 3.x builds are in:  

Few notes:

- the build is done with JDK1.2( with no extensions in classpath and with 
JSSE ) and JDK1.1

- tomcat is started and watchdog is run 3 times ( I'm interested in how
long it takes - it's a good indicator of how performance is moving - the
third time is "warm" and no jsp compilation takes place )

- sanity is also run

- all logs are in ws/logs/ ( including summary in nightly.log, detailed
build logs, detailed watchdog output, output of run ).

- all bundles are in ws/zip/ ( including src, etc )

- For 3.2.x, JDK1.1 build fails :-( ( it failed in 3.2.1, so it's not a
regression ). ( it works fine on 3.3 )

- tests for JDK1.1 are not done yet ( the VM has a problem, it's a
multiprocessor machine and I didn't had time to install the right patches
and VM ). I have another machine that does JDK1.1 and testing ( where I
have the right stuff ). 

And most importantly:

- I have a lot of work on my TODO list, don't expect the build/test 
scripts to do magic or look nice. 


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