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From Bob Jamison <>
Subject Re: JMX download broken?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 15:19:55 GMT

Remy Maucherat wrote:

> > Hi, all,
> >
> > I downloaded the JMX reference lib to my laptop
> > over the weekend, and did Tomcat4 builds without problem, but
> > this morning at work I cannot do the same.  It says
> > "cannot export to your location."  I think it must be
> > broken, as I tried loading from several machines,
> > including a couple of which I -know- have authoritative
> > DNS names.  Hope it's temporary.
> Can I get more information on the problem ? Unfortunately, I can't reproduce
> it on my Windows machine.

Thanks for checking.

Oh well,  last night I uploaded it from my laptop to the server
at work, so I can compile again.

The reason I am cvs-downloading and building often, is that
I notice Craig McC is chacking in a LOT of new stuff, and
I want to make sure I have a current API.  I am writing
(actually, have written) a JNI/C wrapper for using his
class.  I can't get the contexts/docBases to work, the way they are
in the example in the .java file.  I guess I'll need to research
it a little more.   It doesn't want a WAR file as the docBase, but
apparently a directory with WAR files in it...  It is failing on

Anyway, thanks again.


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