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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: working
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 20:22:17 GMT
1. Please send questions like this to tomcat-user not tomcat-dev.  You
are using Tomcat, not developing Tomcat, capisce?

2. Any binary you find out there is probably "Apache
JServ" not "Tomcat JServ" so won't work

3. mod_jk is now the recommended connector; grab the latest CVS source
and look for src/native/mod_jk (including updated, understandable README)

4. Tomcat 3.1 is buggy; 3.2beta is much better and even more stable.
Get it, use it, enjoy it.

5. modules (.so files) belong in APACHE_HOME/libexec afaik.

Have fun! 

 - Alex

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 04:19:35PM -0400, Robert L. Brueckmann wrote:
> I just figured out what my problem was with the just copied over our
Linux system from a small HD to a larger HD and a few symbolic links got screwy so I fixed
them and was able to compile my now I'm still having a problem...
> I have it in the same directory as my perl and php modules in /usr/lib/apache/ and my
reference in tomcat.conf is lib/apache/ (and this is a freshly compiled *.so from
tomcat's source files) and I include the tomcat.conf file at the end of the httpd.conf and
when i try to restart apache, it won't restart...has anyone else had this probelm with the
> I am running redhat 6.0/apache 1.3.11/tomcat 3.1...if anyone can maybe send me their who is working in the same environment or if anyone's run into a similar problem
that'd be great.  Thanks in advance...
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> Robert L. Brueckmann
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> ph: 410-337-5444
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