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From Arieh Markel <>
Subject Issue with SessionUtil.encodeURL on SSL servers
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 19:15:41 GMT
During my work on adapting my application to work with 3.2 I am running
into a couple of issues.

While browsing through the code, I ran across some problem that
may arise when using SessionUtil.encodeURL under SSL.

The code shows:

	// Encode all relative URLs unless they start with a hash
        if (!url.startsWith("http:")) {
            if (!url.startsWith("#"))
                return (encode(id, url));
                return (url);

        // Encode all absolute URLs that return to this hostname
        String serverName = req.getServerName();
        String match = "http://" + serverName;
        if (url.startsWith("http://" + serverName))
            return (encode(id, url));
            return (url);

What is evident is the hardcoding of http, which is bound not to
work on an SSL enabled Tomcat.

The more appropriate thing is to use the request's schema to use correct

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