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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Logging
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 11:06:45 GMT
Hi Ceki -

I haven't quite finished my proposal, so hopefully when I do you'll
see what I mean, but briefly...

As I understand from perusing the docs, in log4j client code specifies
the target category, which is then directed by log4j to the right
place.  But in Tomcat, we have common code running in many different
contexts/webapps, and each may have its own log targets, according to
dynamic server.xml configuration.  So we still need a higher level of
specification of the category.

> Here, I am assuming that the words category and component are
> equivalent. This is the case if components have their own category. 

Not so; a component is an *instance* of a class, running in a certain
webapp.  Is log4j smart enough to note the "this" pointer of the
calling code?  I can't see how it could be.

 - A

Alex Chaffee             
jGuru - Java News and FAQs
Creator of Gamelan       
Founder of Purple Technology
Curator of Stinky Art Collective

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