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From Joachim Schaaf>
Subject Embedding Tomcat
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 09:46:55 GMT

I have embedded Tomcat (rel. 3.1) in my project and thought you might be

First, the project has the following directory layout:

etc/	- config. files
bin/	- start scripts
java/	- Java source
classes/	- compiled classes
web/	- web apps.

etc., not too complicated.

In the project's property file I have set the tomcat.home property to
../etc/tomcat. The config. files for Tomcat are in etc/tomcat/conf.
Because I think it's wrong to store html/jsp pages in a configuration directory
like etc/, I put the "web apps" into the web/ directory.

To start Tomcat, I simply called 
org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat.main( new String[] {""} );

This works fine, but I had some problems with absolute and relative paths in
the server.xml file. Absolute paths and relative paths below of the webapps
directory worked, but a path like "../../myapp" didn't work. This is strange,
since a path like "../../log/tomcat/tomcat.log" in the same file worked.
To have my web apps outside the directory set with tomcat.home I have changed
it with the "home" property of the ContextManager inside server.xml
So Tomcat has a different home directory after he has started ;))

Last question: how to get the port number? I have found some comments in the
mailing list archive, but I'm not really sure. Any comments?

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