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From "Matt Pease" <>
Subject feature request: AolServer support
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 15:24:11 GMT
Hello Tomcat developers -

   I don't want to be pushy with this feature request, especially as you
wrap up a release && I certainly don't understand all the ins &
outs of open source development.  However, I'd like to make a feature

   I'd love to see official support for AolServer in a near release
of the tomcat server.  We want to use Vasile Gaburici's Tomcat module,
but would feel much better doing this if AOLServer was officially supported.

   If you are not familiar with AolServer, it's an "open source"  (similar
to the Mozilla Public License, but you can get the source), single
process, multi-threaded web server.  More info @
It runs & a few other high traffic sites. has all
sorts of great, open source tools & tutorials designed around AOLServer.

Philip Greenspun, a long-time AOLserver advocate, does a little apache /
Aolserver comparison here:

By Philip Greenspun's account, AOL was quite open to collaboration, & even
assigned a couple of AOLServer's developers to overseeing the open-sourcing
& the community collaboration efforts:

I don't know if AOL's partnership with Sun & purchase of Netscape would
collaboration on the Tomcat project.

So, I know I don't have a vote, but +1 for for AolServer support.

Thank you-
Matt Pease

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