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From Jim Rudnicki <>
Subject Patch suggestion for
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 07:57:43 GMT
In v3.1, Context.getRealPath() did not work for subdirectories.  The
workaround was to
use "dot" as in:

 getContext().getRealPath( "./subdir/file.xhtml" )

which would retrieve for example:


On Windows, this was an effective workaround.

The new version, 3.2b1, breaks this.  The failing occurs in a security check
in at around line 152.  A comparison is
made with the canonical path, which for the above
example would be


and subsequently fails

This is the section of code that determines that the above example is

    try {
      canPath=new File(realPath).getCanonicalPath();
    } catch( IOException ex ) {
      return null;

// This absPath/canPath comparison plugs security holes...
// On Windows, makes "x.jsp.", "x.Jsp", and "x.jsp%20"
// return 404 instead of the JSP source
// On all platforms, makes sure we don't let ../'s through
// Unfortunately, on Unix, it prevents symlinks from working
// So, a check for File.separatorChar='\\' ..... It hopefully
// happens on flavors of Windows.
 if (File.separatorChar  == '\\') {
     // On Windows check ignore case....
     if (!realPath.equalsIgnoreCase(canPath)){
            int ls=realPath.lastIndexOf('\\');
            if ( (ls > 0) &&
!realPath.substring(0,ls).equalsIgnoreCase(canPath) )
          return null;

I believe the following patch to the beginning of this method provide
correct behavior
without compomising the security check.  It works for me on Win98/Sun
Don't see why it would introduce a problem elsewhere:

  public static String safePath( String base, String path ) {

    /* Convert to one separator type */
    String normP=path;
    if( path.indexOf('\\') >=0 ) {
      normP= path.replace('\\', '/');

    /* Remove inconsequential "current directory" part
    from path.  Without this, check will unfairly fail the
    safety check below ( canonical==real )
    Do this after all separators have been converted
    above. */
    if( normP.startsWith("./") ) {
      normP = normP.substring(2);

    // Hack for Jsp ( and other servlets ) that use rel. paths
    if( ! normP.startsWith("/") ) {
      normP="/"+ normP;

    String realPath= base + normP;


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