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From "Danno Ferrin" <>
Subject Jasper and Servlet 2.1
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 00:02:07 GMT
     Is there any desire to make Jasper compatible with a 2.1 Servlet
engine? The advantage with this is that Jasper can be dropped into an
existing Servlet 2.1 Servlet Engine and replace or supplement the
existing JSP Servlet in those engines which almost universally do not
support Tag libraries, hence allowing tag libraries to be supported
immediately on a wider range of platforms immediately. 

     Looking at the spec and grepping the jasper code I believe that
there are only four lines that prevent 2.1 backward compatibility. All
of these use HttpSession.getAttribute<foo> instead of
HttpSession.getValue<foo>. Even though Servlet 2.2 deprecates the
getValue group of methods they should still work properly in the 2.2
spec. Specifically the lines are :

org/apache/jasper/runtime/                   return session.getAttribute(name);
org/apache/jasper/runtime/           if (session.getAttribute(name)
!= null)
org/apache/jasper/runtime/            o = session.getAttribute(name);
org/apache/jasper/runtime/                   return session.getAttributeNames();


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