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From Alex Cruikshank <>
Subject Re: Bugs in
Date Thu, 02 Dec 1999 22:10:20 GMT

>Alex, Why do you suggest a new internal class instead of fixing mark?

Currently, Mark only holds the state for a single stream, and the rest of 
the reader's state (stream, master, and includeStack) is stored as class 
variables, so it didn't occur to me to move all these into Mark.  But I 
think it's ultimately a better solution.  IncludeState would need to be 
moved into Mark.  The includeStack would have to be cloned everytime a new 
mark was created, and every method in JspReader that accesses stream would 
have to access  The only problem is that, somehow, Mark 
will have to make it's includeStack accesible to JspReader.  Maybe the 
solution would be to give Mark a pushStream(char[] stream, int fileId, 
String baseDir ), and a popStream() that are called by pushFile() and 
popFile() in JspReader respectively.  These are a lot of changes, but 
ultimately would allow JspReader to work as advertised while maintaining 
the same interface.  I'll work on a version and see if it works.

Any word on if the other changes could be made?

Alex Cruikshank
Software Engineer

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