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Subject Ant build broken + Shell issues
Date Sun, 05 Dec 1999 14:59:12 GMT

There are few problems :-)

- ant doesn't build if you don't have xereces in your classpath.
I love xerces, and I don't mind using it - but if you decide to do that
please include a binary ( like project-x.jar ), and test ant build
with empty classpath.

- also, in shell you need to:
  export VAR
instead of
   export VAR=value
( which is only bash, ksh - not bourne shell )
I love bash, but I think we should use Bourne ( at least where we have

- javadoc2  build fails with JDK1.1.
I love Java1.2, but some people wish to build tomcat with 1.1 too -
and we need to build ant first.
A good ideea would be to keep 1.2 specific classes in a special
directory or use Class.forName or reflection tricks.

- javac.jar included in jakarta-tools works only with JDK1.2,
if you include it in CLASSPATH the build will fail on
Also, the reason to have it is to have tomcat running with
JRE - for development we should use normal JDK.


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