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From Rajiv Mordani <>
Date Fri, 03 Dec 1999 20:23:03 GMT
Hi Pier,
	Project X is also FREE ;).. That apart I have the JAXP classes
ready for xerces and have already moved the code on ANT to use the API.. So
now you don't have to worry about which parser to use ;).. Am
only waiting for the JAXP classes to be released from Sun so that  I can go
ahead and check them in (ofcourse after making the proposal on the mailing

On a separate note which I am sure you are already aware of is that
Project X is also going to be donated to xml.apache .org. It's just a
matter of time now... So it is going to be TRUELY free. ;).. Also if you
have faced any problems with the parser please do let us know about it..

- Rajiv

Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
> Damn that bloody Project-X... I want FREEDOM :) (Ups, too many people
> from Sun here??? Ouch! :)
> The three ugliest class I've ever written in my whole life, but at least
> right now I don't have to install a fourth parser on my machine :)
> 	Pier
> BTW The default is Project-X right now, so, don't worry :)
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